Blk 20 Woodlands Link JTC monthly maintenence fee reduction due to renovation work

Dear Fellow Tenant of Blk 20 Woodlands Link,

Everyone had enough experience of the inconvenience of the disruption of facilities, lift, toilets due to the

renovation/refurbishment work happening in our industrial block for the past 3 years and still counting.

We strongly understand that we have to bear with the dust, noise and disruption use of the facilities in Blk

20 Woodlands Link in order to have newer and better facilities. We also understand due to the changing of a

few main contractors, we have to bear with the renovation period.

And the lastest is the main contractor is PLEASED to announce that the renovation / upgrading work has been

approved to be extended till Jun 2020.

Fine, we will continue to bear with this inconvenience as long as JTC will approve the renovation period as we

cannot do much. But we would like to make a request for JTC to waive the maintenance charges or at least

reduce by 50% as during this renovation period, more than half of the facilites were shutdown and we are sure

JTC will not be paying the lift, toilet, other facilities maintenance companies in full, but rather pro-rated.

This request is very reasonable as it is always the government directive to support SME.
Moreover, we are in the midst of economic crisis, we sincerely would like to see JTC helping SME on this cost.

As some of the tenants had bought the units, by reducing the rental cost will not help this segment of the

tenants as most of these group of tenants had already paid up in full and the bank will not be giving the


Please consider this JTC

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